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The Top Ten Prescribed Antidepressants:

  1. Zoloft    (SSRI)
  2. Lexapro  (SSRI)
  3. Prozac    (SSRI)
  4. Wellbutrin (NDRI)
  5. Paxil         (SSRI)
  6. Effexor    (SNRI)
  7. Celexa     (SSRI)
  8. Desyrel    (SARI)
  9. Elavil       (Tricylic)
  10. Cymbalta  (SNRI)

SSRI - "Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors"
    - blocks the re-absorbtion of the neurotransmitter serotonon in the brain, therefore balancing the serotonin levels within the brain. It is "selective" because it appears only to affect the serotonin neurotransmitter.

SNRI - "Serotonin - Norepinphrine Reuptake Inhibitors"
    - A lot like SSRI's except this medication increases norepinephrine as well as serotonin levels. Both of these neurotransmitters plays a major role in moods.

SARI - "Serotonin Antagonist and Reuptake Inhibitors"
    - They are serotonin 2 antagonist / reuptake inhibitors, meaningthey are antidepressants that block the reuptake of serotonin less potently than SSRI's. They act on serotonin, norepinphrine and dopamine to a lesser extent. Most likely used to aid with sleep disorders that can lead to depressive moods.

  - They inhibit the re-absorbtion of serotonin and norepinphrine and to a lesser extent of dopomine. This process increases the level of neurptransmitters in the brain.

NDRI - "Norepinphrine Dopomine Reuptake Inhibitors"
    - Increase norepinphrine and dopomine levels in the brain by preventing the absorbtion into the cells that that release them. This process is called "Reuptake Inhibitation"

MAOI - "Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors"
   - blocks the action of monoamine oxidase, this is know to break down levels of serotonin, norepinphrine and dopamine. By blocking the break down the levels increase in the brain.

  •  Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting / nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea / constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Irritablity
  • weight gain
  • Sexual dysfuntions
  1. Isocarboxazid - brandname Marplan
  2. Phenelzine - brandname Nardil
  3. Tranylcypromine - brandname Parnate
  4. Selegeline - brandname Emsam - transdermal patch
Because MAO Inhibitors increase norepinphrine (a powerful blood vessel constrictor) it is important that anyone taking any of these products do not ingest any other medications which could potenially increase norepinephrine levels even further. The consequences of such cominations could be in some cases fatal, such medications such as;
  • Pseudophedrine - a nasal decongestant, now only available behind the counter in pharmacies, but commonly used in cold remedies.
  • Phenylephrine - a decongestant used in place of pseudoephedrine in many cold / cough products
  • Amphetamine or Dextroamphetamine - often used to treat ADHD
  • Naphazoline and Oxymetazoline - in nasal sprays
  • Methylphenidate - ingredient in prescription Demerol for pain
  • Eye Drops with decongestants - should be highly avoided
  • Monoamine Oxidase also exsists in our testinal tracts, and aids in the break down of a substance know as "Tyramine". MAO inhibitors interefere with this process, and will allow large amounts of tyramine from foods or beverages containing tyramine to enter the blood stream and contribute to a sequent of events that could lead to hypertension crisis; very dramatically, potentially fatal, along with the  elevation of blood pressure. these foods are;
  • Aged cheese / meats
  • smoked meats / pickled meats
  • lover
  • anchovies
  • sauerkraut
  • avacado
  • bananas
  • pepperoni
  • salami
  • raisins
  • caffiene should be used sparingly
  • avoid wine
  • sherry, beer and hard liquer
(I researched all of this information from the and from my pyschologist...thought it might ad some serious insight to people using any of these)


Living With Bi-polar 2:

It is more than just plain depression, but seldom never delusional or psychotic. The "Up" moodsnever reach full blown mania. The less intense elevated moods in Bi-polar 2 are called "Hypomanic Episodes" or "Hypomania". People with this disorder suffer more often episodes of long periods of severe depression, often referred as "Manic Depression".
  • Suddenly flying from one idea to another

  • rapid pressure, loud speech

  • occassional increased energy with hyperactivity

  • decreased need for sleep

  • isolation, the need to be alone, no interest to socialize, or withdrawl from friends

  • people experiencing hypomanic episodes are quite often pleasant to be around, often the life of the party, making jokes,

  • taking an intense interest in other people's activities

  • infecting others with their pleasant, positive moods

  • hypomania can lead to erractic, unhealthy behaviors

  • hypomanic episodes can sometimes progress onwards to full manias that effect a person's behaviors to the ability to function

  • Being in a dangerous mania may display such behaviors such as; spending money they do not have, antisocial behavior, over social behavior, having sex with people they normally would never, engage or impulse in risky behavior, potentially worsening behaviors and ignoring the consequences, harming them selves, strong urge in thoughts of suicide, drug / alcohol abuse

  • severe depressive episodes that last weeks, months, and occassionally years,

  • expereiencing more depressive episodes than hypomanic episodes

  • depressive behaviors can soon occur after hypomania subsides,  or much later, some cycle back and forth inbetween hypomania and depression, while other have long periods of normal mood inbetween episodes

  • they have svere problems concentrating, fatigued, frequent absenses from work or school, lack of motivation,

  • less interest in activities that were once enjoyed,

  • low appetite, or over eating,

  • emotional disconnection

  • over obsessing on certain things,

  • hypomania episodes - elevated moods can manifest it self as either euphoria - feeling high or as irritability, not knowing how to relax,

  • high stress, anger fits, rage out bursts, lack of drive, procrastination




Real mothers don't eat quiche,

  they do not have the time to make it,

Real mothers know that their kitchen utensils

  are probably in the sand box,

Real mothers know that dried play dough

  does not come out of carpet,
  and felt markers occassionally design her walls,

Real mothers don't want to know

  what the vaccum cleaner just sucked up,

Real mothers sometimes ask...

  "why me?"

   and get their answer when a little voice says,

"because I love you best"

Real mothers know that a child's growth

  is not measured by height or years or grades,

  it is marked by the progression of "Mom to Mother"


The Images of Mother:

4 years of age - my Mommy can do anything!

8 years of age - my Mom knows a lot!

12 years of age - my Mother doesn't quite know everything!

14 years of age - naturally Mother doesn't know that either!

16 years of age - Mother? she is hoplessly old fashioned!

18 years of age - that old woman? she is like so out of date!

25 years of age - well she might know a little about it!

35 years of age - before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion!

45 years of age - wonder what Mom would have thought about it!

65 years of age - wish I could talk about it over with Mom!


Motherhood has its true rewards in disguise!!


One Flaw In Women:

Women have stregnths that amaze men, they bear hard ships and carry burdens, but yet they still hold happiness and joy within... They smile when they want to scream, They sing when they want to cry, They cry when they are happy, and laugh when they are nervous, They fight for what they believe in, They stand up for injustice, They do not take "NO" for an answer, when they believe there is a solution, They go without so their family can have, They protect their young and children, to every extent, just try and mess with Mother's children and young, They love unconditionally, They cry when their children excel, and cheer when their friends gets rewards, They are happy when they hear about a wedding, engagment, birthday, Their heart breaks when a freind dies, a piece of them go with them, They grieve at a loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think their is no strength left, They know that a hug and kiss can bring healing to a broken heart, be the cushion to fall on, and help you get back on your feet, Women come in all shapes, sizes, colours and race, They'll drive, fly, walk, run, e-mail, text, to keep the friendship bond alive some how, some way, The heart of a woman is what makes the world keep turning, They bring love, joy, happiness, passion, faith, hope, comapssion, healing, stregnth, They have compassion and ideas, They are intelligence, They give moral support, to family and friends, near and far, even a stranger or two, Women have vital things to say and share, and everything to give, However....... If there is one "FLAW" in women, It is that they FORGET their WORTH, NEVER forget your worth, You count to!!

Behind Every Woman

 Behind every successful woman.....

  is her self,

A woman is like a tea bag,

you do not know how strong she really is

until she is in hot water,

Women have yet to hear a man ask,

"how do you combine marriage and a career"

Coffee, chocolate, MEN..

somethings are just best left rich,

Warning: I have an attitude and know how to use it kind of thing,

"of course I do not lok busy - I did it right the first time"

One Last Chance

  tell me what you need,

I will find the way to stop the bleeding,

Tell me your not leaving,

And I will tell you everything you need to know,

 Don't just throw it all away,

Don't say my words are too late,

  I don't want to be left behind,

I have never travelled this road before,

I've been os blind to all that I have broken,

Can we not put the pieces back together,

No more empty promises,

Just me out in the open,

Fully exposed to you,

I know this will take time,

All good things take time,

Can you not give me one last chance,

To make it right all over again,

One last chance.


My mood: very sad

The walking Dead - Souls In Pain

   They are the walking dead, Souls in Pain who have simply lost their way in life. Lost to the real true love in their life, like a candle in the wind being blown out.

  Dare not look in their eyes, you will endure their pain, their crys will ring in your head and their hurt will touch your heart.

  They roam amongst us, souless, loveless, life is like a dream to death for some, or a long nightmare to hell for others, awaiting their unknown destiny. The unforgetable journey, ending of their pain and heart break for some, for others it continues in death it self.

  The walking dead, souls in pain strives for their quest for love to touch them that once more, crying to come to them that once more, re-light that candle of love and all sins remembered, all sins forgiven for some, while others remain trapped forever, lost to dark sadness and heart break that inprisions them, forever to be the walking dead, souls in pain, will they ever find their way ? the love that once kept them a live? or will they forever be lost?

Restless Souls

   I believe there is a place where Restless Souls wander, trapped in pain and loss. Where they wander and roam, burdened by the weight of things left undone, unsaid, all sins remembered, all sins forgotten, 

  A crow is the link between the living and the dead, Carries their messages, a messager between the living and the dead. Messages the Restless Souls didn't get to say, passed through dreams delivered by the crow as he sits near, to the ones they left behind. 

Life is like a dream till death comes to them, dieing of heart break each day and night of the ones taken away, love is stronger than death, loves lives past death it self. 

The Restless Souls wander in their special place. We think we get a glimpse of them time to time, perhaps in dreams, perhaps a quick look in the mirror, we turn and they are gone fast as we saw them. But it is our love pulling them to us, missing them. They are there, we are here, the simmering pain inside stays within us. 

Until the Restless Souls message is passed to the ones they love and left behind, and till things are settled, they will be trapped forever and wander timelessly, for time is endess where they be. when the message is passed, then, just then they maybe free, and rest, no longer the Restless Souls wandering, accept where they are. 

Love is stronger than death it self!  

Scorpio - The Intense One (me!)

   - Very energetic

 - Intelligent, witty

 - Can be jeloius, possesive of important things,

 - Hard working, never quits,

 - Passionate kisser and lover

 - Big romantic

 - attractive, love the looks to catch the eye

 - Can be obssessive over certain things

 - can be secreative, in behind the scenes

 - Can hold grudges when deeply screwed over

 - bold and determined, always fighting to get what they want

 - loves long term relationships

 - talkative, very social

 - can be a little self centered at times, unknowingly

 - Emotions and feelings can be very intense at times

 - Heated, cold, raw temper when prevoked or pushed

 - very cold and calculating when crossed

 - Likes to get even if scrwed over, or screw over ones they love

 - protects the ones they love at any cost

 - protects their soul mates at any cost, protective over them

 - very friendly, makes people feel good around them

 - values deep friendships

 - a high endurance and drive

 - can be over whelmingto others at times, high energy

 - fights for what they believe in, stands up hard

 - very stubborn

 - sharp minded

 - can be intoxicating to their lovers

 - very protective over family and their loves, no one screwes with them

 - out going sense of humor

 I am scorpio woman

I am me

 When I stand up for my self, they call me a bitch, 

When I stand up for those I care for and love, they call me a bitch, 

When I speak my mind, 

Think my own thoughts, 

Or do things my own way, 

They call me a bitch, 

When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, 

They call me a bitch..........

 Being a bitch means I won't comprimise what is inside my heart, 

It means I live my life my on way, 

It means I will not let anyone step on me and push me down, 

It means I have the courage and strength to allow my self

to be who I truly am, 

And will not become anyone else's idea of what they think I should be, 

I am very out spoken, opinionated,

But I respect other's opinions,

I am determined, to me, failures are not failures,

But stepping stones to better learning,

I want what I want, and there is nothing wrong with that,

I am easy going, but hard to bullshit,

Be real with me, and I will be real with you,

So I say to the ones who love hurting people, making them feel bad,

"Try to stomp on me, just try to douse

My inner flame,

Try to to squash every ounce of beauty that lies within me,

You will not succeed, you will fail! "

And if this all makes me a BITCH, so be it, I will bear the title proudly,

B = Babe

I =  In

T = Total

C = control of

H = herself

B = beautiful

I = Intelligent

T = talented

C = charming

H =  hell of a woman

B =  beautiful

I = individual

T = that

C =  can

H = handle anything !


something I have.......

Something i once had was beautiful, precious and rare...TRU LOVE, for the first time in my life, going through a life with none!

something I have now is tearing my feelings bad, making my inner feeling hurt with the worst pain and sorrow one can feel! hard sadness!

what I have is tearing me bad, and leaving the darkness of pain in me, fear of losing it forever! and leaving nothing behind but an empty shell, like pools of water dried up!

One does not realize just how a true love can affect your heart and your soul till your on the brink of losing it....the pain it causes, the heart ache and the heart break, and there is nothing you can do to stop it, like trying to stop a frieght train full speed!

I Am Meth.....

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 Depression is like being in lets you out once and a while, then pulls you back in. It steals every good feeling you have inside, makes things dull and grey, like taking the taste out of food!

 Depression makes you think there is something wrong with the one that is close to you.."he does not love me", "he doesn't want anything to do with me".... when in the end it is your depression making you act a certain way to make them feel uncomfortable and not want to be around you, touch you, make love to you. It is a demon stealing your soul away each day, you lose that much more it eats you alive, soon consuming all of you and drowning you in it's pool ofr sadness and darkness!!

My mood: very blah

A Happy Valentines Day to Everyone - A Special Day of Love To One Another!

 Love is the music two hearts conected share.....

that magical promise that holds each other so dear, so close.....

The warming smile  the tender touch, the glance that says "you mean so much"......

Love is the joy two hearts, two souls share, a bond deep within......

that makes each moment so precious and rare!!

 Love is a touch, tender with care, A gentle caress.......

A meaningful look, secrets to share.....

Love is a mood, laughter, tears, ups and downs.....

shared by two hearts that grew close over time shared, built together......

Love is faith, hope, strength built by two people standing side by side, supporting one another....

Love is a precious gift given to one another!


It feels so close, but yet it is so far away,

almost at reach, but not enough to touch,

It looks so far, but it is so close,

you can sense its pressence, but yet it is no where in sight,

It is a feeeling every body wants, needs, to feel alive, to feel whole, content,

some when they have it, they abuse it, throw it away, do not appreciate,

let it go away, not realizing how delicate it is, how rare it is,

It doesn't make a sound, but yet it screams deep inside you, loud and clear - "I AM HERE!"

It creeps up on you, then clings on your life, your heart, your very soul,

your very mind, intoxicates you,

never letting you go, form of a parasite,

once it has reached the very core of your sole it does not want to let go,

you try hard to shake it off, run, hide,

but it will find you, it will not leave,

You think about it every night as you close your eyes,

you dream about it,

it is constantly with you, flowing in your mind in circles,

it is the greatest feeling everyone experiences, it can be the worst thing everyone experiences, the good, the bad,

It makes you wrap it around you, like a warm blanket on a cold night, when the chill of lonliness and despair approach, it can be your friend,

Love is a gift to us in this hard world, when things get hard, it is a shield, keeping out the bad..........


Happy Valentines Day To EveryOne......I hope you have love and tenderness on this special day, with your special person of choice!!!!!! 


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